PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera is one of the leading textile producers in Majalaya-Bandung, Indonesia. manufactures high quality yarn dyed and piece dyed fabrics. The company was established in 1980 and was known as Nagamas. In early 1990s the company changed form into a limited liability establishment named PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera. During PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera’s modest beginning, the company’s first products were only polyester greige fabrics. Eventually, the company moved on to produce yarn dyed fabrics in mid 90s beside piece dyed fabrics.


Beginning in 2000 s, the company expanded again in producing high end yarn dyed uniform fabrics which uses fine yarns such as rayon 40/1, cotton 50/1, cotton 60/1, and polyester cotton depens on customer requirements depends on customers requirements. PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera also provides Cotton 20s, Cotton 30s, polyester-rayon blends, full polyester, polyester rayon for piece dyed products with various hand feel and finish. In producing these high quality products, the company has equipped itself with eco-friendly modern production facilities and top textile machineries together with the 10 point grading system used to attain great quality fabrics. PT. Nagamas tries to be…

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PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera offer career growth and provides competitive benefits to its employees. Employees are looked upon as assets of the company. For that reason, each achievement made by employees is recognised and rewarded handsomely.


PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera is also committed in having new and clean technology to help producing fabrics with minimum effect on the environment. These are evidents in the company’s facilitating a properly waste water treatment and using dyestuffs from Europe and Japan such as Clariant and Sumifix.

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PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera is continually upgrading its machineries with well selected and well known brands such as ITEMA (ITALY), RITE (ITALY), UGOLINI (ITALY), STALAM (ITALY), SUCKER MULLER (GERMANY), JASPER (GERMANY), MURATA (JAPAN), ISHIKAWA (JAPAN), KAKINOKI (JAPAN), OKUI (JAPAN). With these machineries, PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera is able to produce variety of fabrics width from 150 cm till 200 cm and to weave up to 8 weft colours. The repeat size for warp is unlimited and the maximum repeat size for the weft is up to 2 meters in length. The looms dobby can weave up to 20 shafts. Moreover, PT.…

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