PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera

is continually upgrading its machineries with well selected and

well known brands such as ITEMA (ITALY), RITE (ITALY), UGOLINI (ITALY), STALAM


(JAPAN), KAKINOKI (JAPAN), OKUI (JAPAN). With these machineries, PT. Nagamas Kurnia

Sejahtera is able to produce variety of fabrics width from 150 cm till 200 cm and to weave

up to 8 weft colours. The repeat size for warp is unlimited and the maximum repeat size for

the weft is up to 2 meters in length. The looms dobby can weave up to 20 shafts.

Moreover, PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera is also equipped with weaving machines that

facilitates top beam devices that would generate vast weave patterns.

For the fabric patterns or designs, PT. Nagamas Kurnia Sejahtera engaged with highly

talented designers operating on rich CAD softwares.